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Why Maduro Skipped the UN


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro decided to skip New York and forfeit his speaking slot at the United Nations last Wednesday because of unspecified threats to his personal safety. The Beeb:

“When I got into Vancouver I evaluated the intelligence which we received from several sources.

“I decided then and there to continue back to Caracas and drop the New York trip to protect a key goal: safeguarding my physical integrity, protecting my life,” he said.

Mr Maduro accused two former US officials of being behind the “provocations”.

“The US government knows exactly that these people were behind a dangerous activity being plotted in New York.

“The clan, the mafia of Roger Noriega and Otto Reich once more [conspired against me],” he said in a statement broadcast on Venezuelan national television and radio.

Mr Reich was the US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs under President George W Bush. Mr Noriega succeeded Mr Reich in the post.

What president Maduro clearly doesn’t realize is that the evil capitalist conspiracy wants him to stay in power for years, providing a living demonstration of the perils and costs of hare-brained socialist experiments. Every toilet paper factory he occupies, every bizarre gyration of his country’s vexed foreign exchange market, every hysterical allegation of improbable plots helps keep the Scrooge McDucks of this world secure. The Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, and all the members of the global Davoisie join in toasting President Maduro, the world’s greatest living apologist for capitalism.

And as an extra benefit, there is the satisfaction the Noriegas and Otto Reichs of this world can take in the plight of the Castro brothers. In their twilight years they have sunk from the status of allies of a global superpower to clients of a third rate ideologist. To survive, the Cuban revolution must come hat in hand to the kind of vulgar Marxist that in their salad days the Castro brothers would have sent to a re-education camp.

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