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Russia To Ukraine: Get In Line Or We Cut You In Half


President Putin’s point man for bringing Ukraine to heel is really yanking on the choke chain these days, threatening to support the dismemberment of Russia’s neighbor if it votes to move closer to the EU. The Times of London has the eyebrow-raising scoop:

Sergei Glazyev, one of Vladimir Putin’s top advisers, said that Ukraine’s Russian-speaking minority might break up the country in protest at a move that European, Russian and Ukrainian politicians see as a shift away from Moscow’s influence. He said that Russia would be legally entitled to support them.

Speaking after a conference in Ukraine, Mr Glazyev nodded when asked if he thought that signing an “association agreement” with Brussels “could lead to the break-up of the Ukrainian state”. He compared it to Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, both of which split in the 1990s.

While Putin has been able to run rings around Obama in the Middle East, he remains the president of a weak and declining power that is watching Ukraine, far and away its biggest foreign relations priority, slip away out of its orbit. But just because Russia is weak, we shouldn’t conclude that it is powerless. It’s entirely possible Putin would try to foment a split in Ukraine, a move that could, among other things, bring the strategically important Crimea back under Moscow’s direct control. After all, Ukraine remains something of a fragile entity, with its Eastern half largely Russian-speaking.

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  • johnhaskell

    Speaking of weak and declining, Ukraine. Per capita GDP there is 1/3 of Russia’s.

    In 2012 births per capita in Russia were higher than births per capita in the US. However, that information does not fit into your neocon world view, so was discarded as irrelevant.

  • bpuharic

    Running rings around Obama?

    Let’s see…money spent? Zero. US soldiers killed? Zero. Foisting Syria’s change from dictatorship to another dictatorship on Russia? Check

    Yeah. Failure. Let’s send in the troops.

  • crabtown

    Vlad’s gonna have to deal with China. Good luck to that.

  • Buran

    Did this guy not watch the news in 2013 about Syria, Snowden, op-ed to American people, not to mention 700 bil $ military rearm. program underway, or the spy fiasco that threatens EU-US relations? Russia – weak and declining power? In your russophobe brain.

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