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EU Adds Hezbollah to Terror List



“It is good that the E.U. has decided to call Hezbollah what it is: a terrorist organization,” Frans Timmermans, the foreign minister of the Netherlands, said in a statement shortly after the decision.

The move would have the effect of “limiting its capacity to act,” said Mr. Timmermans, referring to Hezbollah.

Next up: the EU will officially recognize that the sun rises in the East.

We’ll also just note in passing that both the FT and the New York Times state that the tipping point for many EU countries was not the bombing of a bus full of Israelis in Bulgaria a year ago, but rather Hezbollah’s increasing support for the Assad regime in Syria. We’re no fans of Butcher Assad here at Via Meadia, and any effort that further clips his wings is welcome, but it’s hard to think of a more textbook case of terrorism than the Bulgarian atrocity.

All that said, there’s no need to wring one’s hands or cluck one’s tongue too much over this. It’s is always a good thing when policy is based on reality instead of pleasing fictions.

[Hezbollah rally in Lebanon in May 2013, photo courtesy Getty Images.]

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  • ljgude

    Killing a bus load of Israelis is pretty evidently politically correct, opposing EU Syrian policy is not. Plus ca change…..

  • Corlyss

    One thing the shale boom will do for Europe, if it ever comes to its scant and waning senses is liberate them from 40 years of thrall to Mideast oil barons who extorted from them support for all manner of murderous schemes.

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