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Russia Outs CIA Moscow Station Chief, Administration Continues To Appease


Russia continues to show respect and appreciation for the White House, this time by breaking protocol and outing the CIA’s Moscow station chief. The Guardian has the story:

Speaking to Russia’s Interfax news agency, the FSB spokesman said his agency had complained to the CIA station chief as far back as October 2011 “that if they [the Americans] continue their provocative recruitment efforts regarding employees of the Russian secret services, the FSB will take ‘mirror’ actions against CIA agents”. In that statement, the spokesman included the station chief’s name.

No comment from the US embassy on this matter.

But what’s this? “US condemns Russia for sending new missiles to Syria” blared an FT headline today. Maybe, just maybe the Obama administration had finally decided to push back against Russia a little?

“It is at the very least an unfortunate decision which will embolden the regime and prolong the suffering,” [General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff] said.

Okay, maybe not. This is not exactly the language of strength. These words suggest more of a gentle, chiding tone—less anger than eye-rolling exasperation. We’ll see how this Syria conference goes, if it ever happens. But the administration is doing itself no favors by being so conciliatory to the Russians in the run-up. To say the least.

[Photo of John Kerry courtesy of Getty Images]

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  • Corlyss

    Not is more like it. All this insane conference idea has accomplished so far is to give Obama more opportunities to embarrass the US.

  • bobby_b

    ” But the administration is doing itself no favors by being so conciliatory to the Russians in the run-up.”

    – – –

    I certainly don’t mean this to imply anything good and to-his-credit about him, but O has few truly enjoyable and rewarding choices being offered to him by the Putin gang.

    He can get us all into a long and probably increasingly deadly and expensive tit-for-tat with Putin, which, knowing what I know about both Obama and Putin, could be a dangerous strategy, since Putin will likely never back down, ever, to anyone, but which (surprisingly) won’t be a problem for Americans because Obama will.

    Back down, I mean. O will back down so fast and so obsequiously – he still really wants Putin to like him – that the press will probably only have a day or two to cover it all up for him.

    Or, he might try to be Putin, and bellow and beat his chest and launch some just-short-of-nukes type missiles at Putin’s stuff and just generally try to ridicule Putin’s manhood and his looks and maybe his mom’s disdain for monogamy while threatening – promising! – to fire The Next Size Up if P doesn’t knock this all off right now . . .

    At which point Putin, knowing as always exactly where O is, simply and quietly sends off his own single nuke which takes out that city, and O . . .
    Which has differing import to all of us depending mostly on which city we’re in right then . . .

    I just don’t see any “good” option with regard to Putin, and I’m including everything up to “painful but survivable” in the “good” category just to err on O’s behalf here.

    It seems that, for maybe the first time, my interests in this situation are aligned with O’s interests. This could be entertaining but for the fact that we are ultimately – and always – the cannon fodder for the opposing warlords of the day, and our current warlord isn’t too bright.

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