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UK Study Shines Light on Men’s Struggles



We’ve already seen how American men are falling behind in college education and how the evaporation of industries geared toward male workers has left many men unemployed. But the problems aren’t limited to the United States. The UK’s Guardian compiled statistics that show how British men are struggling in a six other areas: prison sentencing, employment, education, homelessness, and suicide. Obviously, the results are specific to Brtiain, but there are a number of parallels to things happening here.

Some of the findings were quite striking. Male workers with a job are far likelier to be laid off than their female counterparts, and less likely to be re-employed afterwards. As a result, men frequently have less stability in their careers than women.

Worse, should a man have a run-in with the law, he is likely to receive a much more heavy-handed treatment for a first time offense than a woman. According to the article, 29 percent of male first-time offenders were sentenced to custody, as compared to 17 percent of women. On average men serve 53 percent of their sentence, while women tend to serve only 48 percent. The data has some issues in that it doesn’t appear to take the severity of the various crimes into account, but it is interesting nonetheless.

On a more depressing note, the male suicide rate is still three times those for females. There are too many statistics to list here, but the list is worth reading in full.

None of this is to say that women don’t confront serious issues too, or that their issues are more serious or less serious. Nevertheless, the silence or derision with which men’s issues are met are telling—and troubling. We wonder, if these statistics were instead about women, would there be more noise?

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  • Jim Luebke

    NYT’s headline on this subject–

    Men Have Higher Sentencing, Layoff, and Suicide Rates

    Women and Minorities Hit Hardest

    • Corlyss Drinkard


  • Corlyss Drinkard

    Men have been demonized ruthlessly since the beginning of the women’s lib movement. With media and the uberLeft flogging that viewpoint relentlessly, combined with the shift away from brawn jobs and the spectacular rise of the therapy culture, it’s no mystery.

  • Matt B

    Meanwhile my employer continues to host women’s networking events, on the premise that they are still somehow the outsiders.

  • Hard truths

    Nothing here that the manosphere hasn’t been screaming about for almost a decade…but then again, no one cares. The blood, sweat and tears of ordinary men built this country. And for their labors they receive the spit and derision of the feminists and the masters who hold the harpies leash.

    Same as it ever was…

  • Luke Lea

    You could call this the decline of Western civilization if it goes on much longer.

  • Lorenz Gude

    Boy I feel relieved. At first I thought that the UK criminal justice system had gone plum crazy by sentencing the not guilty to longer prison terms than the guilty. As I think about it though, we may get there yet – the Inquisition and the Soviets did.

  • Toads

    Feminism, far from helping women, has exposed the moral and intellectual inferiority of women far more visibly than was ever possible before feminism.

    That women are so blatant about seeking unfair advantages while claiming to be oppressed, exposes the true nature of the female character.

    • Corlyss Drinkard

      Women’s libbers can’t even be honest about who owes what to whom. The 60s feminists sit around taking all the credit that rightfully belongs to Rosie the Riveter. If Rosie hadn’t set the record straight on what women were capable of, the 60s blowhards would have had nothing to build upon and their success would have been debatable.

  • Toads

    Everyone needs to read The Misandry Bubble.

    It is the most comprehensive article ever on the sweeping fraud that feminism is.

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