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Jobs of the Future: Princesses for Hire


Slip on your gloves and pin on your tiara. The Washington Post reports on the growth of “professional princesses” who lead parties for girls across the country:

Amid thousands of princess products and millions of begowned little girls, it turns out there is a decent living to be made by chipper-voiced entrepreneurs ready to displace the old party clown […]

For the next two hours, Cinderella held court in a living room cleared of furniture. She led nine agog girls — and four only slightly more reserved boys — in song, using the iPad she keeps in her leopard-skin roll-aboard bag. They danced in a circle, she painted their faces and helped them make magic wands. She dubbed them all official princesses and knights.

More and more smart young people will need to think like the women in this story. The future belongs to those who are creative, who can figure out what people want and how best to give it to them. As automation and changing market needs eliminate many traditional and comfortable middle class jobs, job seekers will have to find new ways to offer services—from creative cooking to wedding planning to craft beer brewing—that offer more than the basic necessities robots will produce.

The 21st century will have more party princesses and fewer manufacturing jobs; it’s a good thing. Get used to it and learn to make it work for you. The woman who runs “Princess Parties by Heidi” is hiring.

[Image of a Princess Party from Shutterstock]

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  • JT

    Cute story, but had me thinking about the kids that have run afoul of the law when setting up lemon aid stands! I could see a government regulator questioning child labor laws, or even if the young girl has the required permits and qualifications to be handing out such royal edicts!

  • Anthony

    Party planners as jobs of the future! Wow, Professor Mead is either nuts or one of the most far sighted public intellectuals around. Only time will tell.

  • Carson D

    Do they moonlight as princess strippers?

  • Anthony

    WRM, innovation and creativity via Princesses for hire may be one response to changing social patterns – scaling up may require more though.

  • Luke Lea

    “The future belongs to those who are creative . . .”

    That’s nice. What about the rest?

  • retrophoebia

    File under: This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse:

  • Clarence Doskocil

    Christ. Why don’t we just bring back slavery already. We are obviously headed that way.

  • qet

    These are the posts that try men’s souls. I was hoping, still hope, that Via Meadia is having us on with this one, proceeding from its usual sublime of promoting adaption to the requirements of the new economy to the ridiculous of demonstrating that PT Barnum’s observation iis as true now as ever. As other commenters have noted, the handful of shrewd opportunists out there who can discover ever new ways of parting fools from their money are no models for the tens of millions currently unemployed and propping up the necrotic blue state model in America 2013. Perhaps Via Meadia is too young to remember the Pet Rock–another example of “creative people who can figure out what the people want and give it to them” from a bygone era. Is that the future Via Meadia is seriously urging on us–the Pet Rock Model?

  • Arred Wade

    Why is it a good thing that we have more party princesses than manufacturing jobs, again?

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