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Norks Want a Freaking Medal (US Says No)


North Korea doesn’t just want the big fancy corner office. It wants to be called “Sir.” The Norks insisted today that the DPRK be recognized as a “nuclear weapons state” by the United States, a demand that was swiftly rejected:

“North Korea’s demand to be recognized as a nuclear weapons state is neither realistic nor acceptable,” Thomas Countryman, U.S. Assistant Secretary for International Security and Non-Proliferation, told Reuters in Geneva.

We can almost hear the conniptions emanating from Pyongyang.

In the midst of an hysterical and prolonged bid to get money, attention, and food (the latter for a starving population that, according to refugees, has resorted to cannibalism), the Norks are now demanding that they be considered one of the Big Boys. A history of broken treaties and threats of nuclear holocaust is one surefire way not to get what you want from the people you want it from.

The regime’s bizarre and farcical behavior would be easier to laugh at if it didn’t inflict such untold suffering on so many millions of innocent people.

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