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Google Fiber Skips Over California’s Red Tape


Google Fiber, the cheap, super-fast fiber optic internet infrastructure capable of speeds roughly a hundred times faster than the current national broadband average, came first to Kansas City and will soon be coming to Austin, Texas. How long will California have to wait before one of its cities gets to enjoy 1 Gbps? Thanks to a high regulatory burden, maybe forever, says Milo Medin, Google’s vice president for fiber:

Many fine California city proposals for the Google Fiber project were ultimately passed over in part because of the regulatory complexity here brought about by CEQA [California Environmental Quality Act] and other rules. Other states have equivalent processes in place to protect the environment without causing such harm to business processes, and therefore create incentives for new services to be deployed there instead.

Once upon a time, California was the Early Adopter state, quite literally the home of Tomorrowland. Now its own tech giants are telling it that states like Kansas and Texas are better places to build the experimental new infostructure of the future.

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  • ojfl

    Some in business have been saying for years the government is doing too much and hampering them but our politicians do not hear. Only when stories like this become a daily occurrence and starts affecting people’s lives it will change. Voters need to feel the pain before they change course.

  • Kavanna

    When the voters discover that California is Yesterdayland … although, by that point, all the voters in CA who care will have long since moved elsewhere — as they have been for the last 20 years.

  • Douglas6

    Ironically, Google’s executives and employees uniformly and enthusiastically support the Democratic Party in California and DC. Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

  • prbeckman

    Good example of how no one “stands athwart history shouting stop” like environmentalists.

    “…that states like Kansas and Texas are better places…”

    FYI, Kansas City is in Missouri.

  • Jim Dawkins

    CA is in worse shape and its becoming more liberal. I just don’t get California at all. They live in some utopia dreamworld. As long as they can keep borrowing money and passing bond measures they’ll just keep chugging along like nothing is wrong.

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