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Chavez Hailed by Followers as “The Redeemer Christ of the Americas”


The Great Hugo has taken on a mystical religious aura in death. His followers are claiming fantastic things, including the claim that Chavez advised Jesus Christ in heaven that it was time for a Latin American pope. Chavez’ followers are not explaining why El Commandante recommended a conservative Argentine rather than a liberation theologian for the job, but those are the kinds of details that innocent faith passes by.

“He saved us from so many politicians who came before him,” one Chavista told the AP. “He saved us from everything.”

Chavez’s hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro, called Chavez “the redeemer Christ of the Americas” and described Chavistas as “apostles.” “President Chavez is in heaven,” Maduro said at a recent rally in Caracas neighborhood. “I don’t have any doubt that if any man who walked this earth did what was needed so that Christ the redeemer would give him a seat at his side, it was our redeemer liberator of the 21st century, the comandante Hugo Chavez.”

In the three weeks since his death, Chavez’s many doting followers have elevated him from the level of revolutionary legend, like Simón Bolívar, to mystical icon, a divine hero. “From his hands sprouts the rain of life,” read countless banners hung across Caracas. Not since the death of North Korea’s Great Leader, Kim the First, has any political leader’s death brought forth such demonstrations of grief.

Chavez, it seems, lives on. Sort of. Nobody, we note, has (yet) claimed that the tomb is empty. The “redeemer Christ of the Americas” has not yet had an Easter.

[Chavez image courtesy Wikipedia]

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  • ojfl

    This is what ends up happening in most countries in the world. The cult of personality ends up prevailing and there is simply no debate on policies and actual results of said policies on the population.

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