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Young Obama Voters in for a Surprise

Obamacare is going to “screw” America’s youth, the very demographic group that made up some of the President’s most ardent supporters, says Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith:

The provisions required to make any sort of health insurance plan work—not just ObamaCare, but really any plan of its sort—require healthy young people to pay more in health insurance than they consume in services, while the elderly…consume far more than they pay in. There is always a push and pull, however, and this year will be spent laying plans to shift the burden further toward the young.

The plans, as Smith describes, consist of an individual mandate and limiting age-rating (charging different premiums to people of different ages). Many states currently limit premiums for the elderly to a 5:1 ratio, meaning that old people can pay no more than five times a young person’s premium. Under Obamacare, that ratio will be 3:1, meaning the young will have to pay more. Both policies will go into effect a year from now, and Smith does a good job of laying out the details. Read the whole thing.

It’s no secret that health care reform is and will be riddled with problems. But these problems are unlikely to be addressed as long as the one group most affected by them stays silent. It’s time for the young to wake up and smell their approaching debt.


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