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How (And Why) To Save California

Victor David Hanson’s beautiful heartfelt reflection on California is a must-read this weekend. Hanson, a fifth generation Californian, does a masterful job of describing the beauty, allure and immense potential of his home state, clearly synthesizes what’s gone wrong, and gives many reasons for optimism about its future.

We won’t summarize the wide-ranging, personal piece as we hope you’ll read it for yourself. We’ll just highlight a particular passage which echoes how we’ve been covering California’s pensions crisis here at Via Meadia:

Another reason to feel hopeful about California is that it’s reaching the theoretical limits of statism. To pay for current pensioners, the state simply can’t continue to bestow comparable defined-benefit pension packages on new workers, no matter how stridently the public-sector unions claim otherwise. And as public insolvencies mount—with Stockton, Mammoth Lakes, and San Bernardino seeking bankruptcy protection a year after Vallejo emerged from it—public blame is finally shifting from supposedly heartless state taxpayers to the unions. The liberal unionism of an aging generation is proving untenable, as we saw in recent ballot referenda in which voters in San Diego and San Jose demanded that public-worker compensation plans be renegotiated.

There’s much more good stuff where that came from. What are you waiting for? Read the whole thing.

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