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Reader Mailbag: What’s The Matter With Kansas?

A reader writes:

I haven’t bothered your great minds since you decided to eliminate banal comments from your postings.  OK, maybe not all comments were banal but mine were.

But now you’ve gone too far.  You’ve needlessly insulted my home of Kansas twice in the past two days.  First you insist on depressing me yesterday by posting a comment about a Financial Times article on our governor Sam Brownback. I am a conservative in many ways and life-long Republican and believe passionately in the need to reinvent government.  But “reinventing” requires a plan other than sacking Rome.  I guess eventually Rome was reinvented courtesy of the uninvited guests but the Dark Ages might not have been so dark if the guests had had a plan other than taking home whatever riches they found.  The governor seems to have few plans outside of cutting and dismembering.  I think I am so frustrated because he has such a wonderful opportunity to implement needed real change but he has chosen to only implement slash and burn without building any political support for a vision of what is to replace the smoldering ruins.

Perhaps less important but nonetheless sad for all good Kansans was your willy nilly off-handed inclusion of Charles Curtis in your list of unimportant men who served as vice president.  You used the phrase “memorable luminaries” but I have reason to believe you were being sarcastic.  Mr. Curtis is the only Kansan to have served in that office and the only one to be partially Native American.  Furthermore, my great uncle’s big black car was borrowed for his funeral in Topeka in 1936.  How much lumination do you need?

Now, don’t you regret having eliminated comments?

Actually, no. Please, keep the letters coming!

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