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Mammoth Clones One Step Closer

Buried deep underneath the freezing Siberian tundra, an international team of scientists may have found mammoth fragments containing living cells of the extinct behemoth, the Associated Press reports:

Russia’s North-Eastern Federal University said an international team of researchers had discovered mammoth hair, soft tissues and bone marrow some 328 feet (100 meters) underground during a summer expedition in the northeastern province of Yakutia.

Grigoryev told the online newspaper Vzglyad it would take months of research to determine whether they have indeed found the cells.

Don’t these people watch movies? Don’t they understand what happens when humanity messes with Forces We Do Not Understand?

On the other hand, Via Meadia would love to see herds of mammoths trudging across the tundra. And perhaps Russia could use their recently-revealed asteroid crater and its massive stash of diamonds as a park prop.

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