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Rubicon Crossed, Foes Sighted

Many observers noted that the use of the Stuxnet worm against Iran’s nuclear program opened a new era in warfare. They were correct; cyberwar is real and it can and will change the way the world works.

The BBC carries a report that makes it official: we and our allies aren’t the only people with the ability to use the new weapons. Two days after a cyberattack took Aramco computer systems down, another Gulf-based firm, Qatar-based RasGas has had to take computers offline. Both Saudi based Aramco and RasGas are linked to governments that have taken the lead in fighting Iranian influence throughout the Middle East and (it is said) supplying arms and ammunition to anti-Shi’ite fighters in Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

Humanity’s ingenuity in developing ever new and more sophisticated weapons of destruction is a wonder to behold. Look for more such weapons to be developed and used in the century ahead. Global weirding is on the march.

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