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Diplomatic Talks with Iran Slow, Nuclear Program Speeds up

Just as diplomatic efforts with Iran are stalling, a new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency informs us of worrisome Iranian nuclear activity, including the construction of a number of new centrifuges. Many now believe the nuclear program is speeding up. The New York Times reports:

Almost all of the new equipment is being installed in a deep underground site on a military base near Qum that is considered virtually invulnerable to military attack. It would suggest that a boast by senior Iranian leaders late last month — that the country had added upward of 1,000 new machines to its installation despite Western sabotage — may be true.

As we’ve discussed before, Tehran has made a habit of waffling on compromises over the past few months, leading to suspicions that the mullahs are using negotiations to stall for time until the program is finished. Reports like these, that the nuclear program is accelerating while negotiations are stuck in the mud, do nothing to dispel these suspicions.

If this report is correct, the time for negotiations is running out.

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  • cacrucil

    So why, once again, is the american government reducing the size of the military now that another middle eastern war – and a big one – is on the horizon?

  • Mrs. Davis

    Because the CinC is a donk?

  • Walter Sobchak

    Blow up the air vents. We’ll see how invulnerable that hole in the ground is.

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