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The Tragedy in Wisconsin

I woke up on my first morning in Hyderabad to the horrible news from Wisconsin: a lone gunman walked into a Sikh temple during worship services and began firing at the worshipers. The news is still coming in, but the NYT reports that six people plus the gunman are dead and many others are wounded.

The story is front page news here in India, and naturally so. The Sikh faith has its origins in India and many US Sikhs are recent immigrants.

Very little is known yet about the killer or his motives. Press speculation centers on the idea that many Americans are so ignorant that they think Sikhs are Muslims, and that this was a hate crime against Muslims by a man who was as stupid as he was wicked and deranged. This is not impossible; in the months after 9/11 I spoke to many Sikhs in New York who reported that kind of response.  However, until we hear more from law enforcement in Wisconsin, speculation serves no useful purpose.

We’ll have to wait until the facts are known, and I will do my best to stay on top of the story. I’ll be meeting with different journalists and media leaders during the day today, and I expect that they will have questions about what has happened. In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this assault, their families, and all those in America who suddenly feel insecure.

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  • Mrs. Davis

    It will also be interesting to see if the truth catches up with the initial ideologically driven stereotypical reporting any faster than in the US.

  • Michael K

    What is the weather like in India? I would think being there during Monsoon season would be horrible.

  • thibaud

    Still silent on the Aurora shootings?

  • Anthony

    “Hate kills” – both the hater and hated are caught in vicious suppression.

  • Kris


    In one of the previous conversations you insisted on, you clearly put forth the thesis that the reason our host wasn’t covering the Aurora shootings was because he wishes to whitewash the “home team”. My explanation was that this blog isn’t interested in random gun violence, and that if the Aurora shootings had been committed in a mosque, they would have been covered.

    Whose analysis would you say holds up better?

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