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As Standoff Continues, Philippines and US Play War Games

The Philippines and China were at loggerheads last week when a Philippine warship confronted two Chinese fishing boats near the disputed Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea. China dispatched two vessels to block the Filipino officers from boarding the fishing boats. Both countries later tried to diffuse the situation by rescinding formal diplomatic protests, but the ships are still out there in the middle of the ocean, staring each other down.

Now the Philippines is likely to provoke further anger in China by going ahead with joint war games exercises with the U.S. Navy. For the next ten days, a combined American-Filipino force of 6,000 troops will conduct mock beach invasions, live-fire exercises, and “community service operations” on Filipino territory. Some of the beach invasions will be undertaken along coastlines facing China. Filipino officials quickly dismissed suggestions that these actions were intended to antagonize China, saying the exercises were planned long ago. Nevertheless, the chief of staff of the Philippine armed forces said regional disputes and security issues in the South China Sea would be dealt with by strengthening military ties with the United States.

Just as Via Meadia has argued in the past, China is finding that antagonizing its neighbors drives them deeper into Washington’s embrace.

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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “Nevertheless, the chief of staff of the Philippine armed forces said regional disputes and security issues in the South China Sea would be dealt with by strengthening military ties with the United States.”

    The so called Asian Pivot that the Obama administration is being given credit for, is in fact a strategy of China’s neighbors to use the US as a pawn, and the Obama administration is getting owned by them. Let’s hope Special Providence is at work, and America doesn’t get badly strategically positioned, as America’s military is turned into a speed bump by China’s neighbors.

  • Luke Lea

    Slightly off topic but a nice quote all the same:

    “Beijing has spent a colossal amount of money on ‘external propaganda’ to build its image of a “civilized Party” leading a “civilized nation.” The Epoch Times

  • Luke Lea

    It’s the domestic situation in China that is most interesting at the moment.

  • Luke Lea

    Chinese Fascism’s Global Consequences

    [I don’t know if this guy is right but he lives there and these are the kinds of thoughts that have been haunting my amateur mind]

  • Luke Lea

    “If the Chinese fascist regime is permitted by the international community to continue its rise to prominence, then the consequences will be borne by the people of democratic nations and we have already seen the early stages of this global trend. A powerful fascist state of such maturity and size in the world will increasingly come to determine political debate in nominally democratic countries as the economic advantages of such a regime draws more and more financial resources away from less “efficient” political systems. If China continues to be able to use its fascist state apparatus to attract investment at the cost of liberal democratic nations, then the characteristics of these nations will tend toward increasing fascism in an imitative defensive response.
    This trend is already far advanced and if it remains unchecked by the active engagement and protest of constituent peoples in the form of actively entrenching our essential social and political norms of individual rights and egalitarian application of the rule of law, then we will witness the slow erosion of the democratic freedoms that were fought for nearly 70 years ago. It is no longer adequate to harp on about “human rights.” The necessity of economically isolating regimes which fail to meet certain normative political and legal standards is of paramount importance to the long-term survival of the idea of pluralist government which protects a measure of individual freedom.”

    From the essay above.

  • Luke Lea

    This is disturbing. Xi Jinping a big fan of Bo’s.

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