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Voters Tire of Green Agenda

No surprises here: A new Gallup poll reports that Americans are still broadly skeptical of the Green agenda, currently putting economic growth ahead of the environment by 49 percent to 41 percent. And moderates are increasingly joining conservatives in the opinion that economic growth should be a priority even if it incurs some environmental damage.

Gallup polls show that trends have been going against the greens for years now, which makes the recent claims of a “tipping point” toward a green consensus seem especially dubious. Green enthusiasm peaked in the early 1990s, when a full 71 percent believed that America should prioritize the environment over economic growth. That number has fallen consistently ever since.

Democrats may endorse green policies to appeal to their liberal base, but if they do so, they’ll likely be swimming against the tide for years to come. The public only puts the environment ahead of the economy when the economy is strong; perhaps the greens’ best hope is that a wave of well paying brown jobs (extracting coal, oil and gas, and manufacturing stuff with the cheap energy new discoveries can provide) make the economy so strong that voters think a new environmental wave is something we can afford.

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  • Kris

    And yet trying to somehow prop up the “Blue model” will depress the economy.
    Blue vs Green!

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I sorry but if the support for the Environmentalists has been falling since the early 90’s, then support hasn’t been falling because of the economy (which was mostly great until 2008), so a good economy isn’t going to gain them more support. The problem for the Environmentalists is that they have been lying about the threats to the Environment, and as more and more people realize this, their support evaporates. The Environmentalists are victims of their own success, as the problems of air, water, and endangered species all got significantly better, donations crashed and the Environmentalists had to find new and more urgent reasons for people to donate, government grants, and industry financial support. Their first attempt with the bogus Chicken Little hole in the ozone layer being caused by CFC’s, faltered quickly with the outlawing of CFC’s. This was replaced by the whole CO2 global warming gambit, with CO2 being a much more difficult compound to deal with, the funding would be generated for a much longer period. Both the Hole and Global Warming are complete BS, being sold to the public by snake oil salesmen, and the public is wising up to them. This is why the Environmentalists are losing support, not because the economy is poor, but because the science is bogus.

  • Dissident Thinker

    I had the pleasure of having Lord Monckton give a guest lecture to my environment class.

    He is spot on with his analysis, it is better to adapt than to try to mitigate a natural process. I guess we should nuke the soon to halt the change in climate?

    Unfortunately, the youth of the next generation are succumbing to green mind numbing.

  • Dissident Thinker

    *I meant nuke the “sun”!

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