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Butcher Assad might be demonized by the UN and the West, but he still has friends like Hugo Chavez. A Venezuelan oil tanker made its second trip to the Syrian port of Baniyas since December, carrying fuel to help Assad stay in power.

These are the noble ideals of Bolivarian socialism in action.  As the Great Humanitarian, who has been cured, totally cured of cancer more times than anyone alive, faces his surgeons once more in Havana, the prayers of suffering humanity go with him. No doubt the Syrian masses are particularly fervent, storming heaven night and day as they pray for long life and restored health to the Great Helmsman of the new socialist world.

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  • Eurydice

    As Aristotle said, “Jackdaw flocks with jackdaw.” I think at some point we have to stop calling these people political leaders and start calling them crazy.

  • SF Dude

    Yes, but one man’s “crazy” is Sean Penn’s bro-mance.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I’m just all a tweeter that I can say that I lived when such a Giant walked among us!!! Why, he’s like LEX LUTHER!!! Surely you’ve noticed the physical resemblance.

  • Lorenz Gude

    Tyrants have been around a long time , but Socialist tyrants distinguish themselves by tyrannizing for the greater good. Some, however, find it necessary to improve their fellow citizens by killing them in large numbers like Stalin or Pol Pot while others are not particularly bloodthirsty, like Mugabe or Chavez. I’m not saying the latter don’t kill to maintain their power, but theirs is a retail, not a wholesale trade.

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