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Linsanity: Meaning in the Madness

By now, many of you have probably heard of Jeremy Lin, the undrafted basketball phenom who has set records and electrified NBA crowds since debuting this month for the New York Knicks. What makes Lin so compelling to so many, beyond his athletic prowess, is his unique biography. He is the first American-born player of Chinese/Taiwanese descent in NBA history. He attended Harvard, where he majored in economics. And he is deeply and unabashedly religious, thanking Christ in interviews for the opportunity he has been given.

Lin’s story is quintessentially American, bringing together diverse and divergent facets of our country’s life and culture. It challenges our stereotypes. And it inspires and speaks to Americans from many different walks of life.

Popular sports are often dismissed as mere diversion or entertainment, but “Linsanity” reminds us that at the best of times, sports are something more: a common language across class, race and creed that reflects the values and hopes we share as Americans.

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  • Anthony

    Linsanity also helps market the “brand” (NBA) WRM as well as tap into other American values…

  • SteveMG

    Americans from different walks of life bringing their divergent experiences and backgrounds but, to continue with the Linn analogy, all playing by the same rules.

    No extra points for Linn. He doesn’t get an extra step or two (well, that’s given to the superstars) nor does he get three free throws instead of two when fouled on a layup.

    Diversity combined with one set of rules.

    That works.

  • dearieme

    “that reflects the values and hopes we share as Americans”: how very syrupy. The training of the interns needs attention.

  • SC Mike

    Syrup, particularly of the corn and maple varieties, is quintessentially American, as is the thought expressed.

  • reniel santiago

    wow! jeremy Lin is the best player of all!! go Linsanity Fans!

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