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Obama Doubles Down on Greens

The greens that form a key part of President Obama’s base have gotten him in a lot of trouble lately. The president experienced the first major scandal of his “scandal-free” White House due to unwise and ill-considered government loans to a green energy company that wasn’t ready for prime time, and his decision to nix the Keystone pipeline drew the ire of Middle America union voters who are now out of a job, not to mention the Canadian government. And with the economic picture mixed at best only months before the election, the brown jobs that have driven the recovery have received short shrift compared to the green jobs that have yet to materialize, and voters are beginning to notice.

Yet for all this, the White House is still stroking the greens. The Wall Street Journal reports that the administration is planning a new series of talks and lectures aimed at convincing America’s largest companies to invest more heavily in green energy projects.  And why wouldn’t they?  It’s worked so well for him.

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  • Corlyss


  • Steve Gerow

    Scandal free? What about Fast and Furious or the New Black Panthers?

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @Steve Gerow: those were more DOJ than White House…

  • dave.s.

    Why doesn’t Fast & Furious make it onto your ‘scandals’ list?

  • Bruce B

    Who cares if he encourages private industry to go green? If the private sector deems it a worthy investment, so be it. Just don’t use taxpayer money to do it and don’t mandate.

  • Jim.

    All Obama is doing here is sounding his Unicorn Hunting Horn… jabbering at companies to get them to invest in dubious green enterprises has a whole lot less downside (scandal) potential than actually investing taxpayer money.

    It’s good strategy. Greens are generally more talk than action themselves; they will like the talk (and keep supporting Obama, with votes and donations) and not really pay attention to whether any action comes of it.

  • Lorenz Gude

    Both Keystone and Obama’s breaking the agreement to not force Catholic hospitals to fund contraception and abortion are what I think of as unforced errors that will lose Obama votes among motorists and Catholics. Both will wrankle underneath the surface until election day because they both show significant groups of citizens that the current administration is not thier friend. As in tennis if you commit too many unforced errors you will lose even to an inferior opponent. Ironically there seems to bee a glut of those just now.

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