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Light Blogging Alert

I will be spending much of today at West Point discussing US grand strategy with cadets and faculty, so posting is likely to be intermittent.  The next post-blue essay should be ready sometime this evening and there are a few other posts in the pipeline.

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  • Anthony

    Grand Strategy and perhaps Sun Tzu and Clausewitz; what a day for our honorable Cadets WRM.

  • Toni

    1. Whoa. West Point is awesome. Please thank the cadets for their service. (Highly recommended: the book Absolutely American: Four Years at West Point, which began as a Rolling Stone article the author did everything he could to get out of.)

    2. If you’ve developed an elixir that enables you not to sleep, Prof. Mead, would you please share it with the rest of us?

  • Kris

    “there are a few other posts in the pipeline.”

    Pipeline? Pipeline?! Will you ever cease bashing our Glorious Leader?


  • Luke Lea

    Don’t get carried away.

  • Kris

    Luke@4: Carried away?

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