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California Parents Storm School Barricades

California is beginning to look a lot like Versaillies circa 1789. In Adelanto Elementary School District in Desert Trails, parents are taking advantage of a new state law that allows a 50-percent-plus majority to “force a district to close a school, convert it to a charter or replace the principal and the teachers.” According to the WSJ (subscription required), they have 70 percent.

Predictably, teachers’ union representatives are digging in their heels, as well as blaming the parents. If Johnny can’t read, they say, it must be because his parents are incompetent, not his teachers. Via Meadia doesn’t think this is a wise or winning strategy on the teachers’ part, any more than Marie Antoinette’s (apocryphal) “Let them eat cake!” Alas, it’s a predictable response, as the partisans of the blue model grow more desperate. Reformers always run up against those who say, “Ils ne passeront pas!” To that, Via Meadia says “Vive la revolution!

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  • bjk

    You want better schools? Start with better students. It’s really simple.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I love this blog, it shines the Light of Truth everywhere.

  • Bruno Behrend

    The Parent Trigger was the brainchild of a “progressive group” called Parent Revolution. They are to be congratulated for doing so much to liberate learning.

    Outside of that group, no one has done more to promote the idea of parental empowerment legislation across the US than The Heartland Institute.

    Here are links to their Parent Trigger analyses. Send one to your legislator today.

  • Aaron

    “If Johnny can’t read, they say, it must be because his parents are incompetent, not his teachers.”

    Johnny should know his letters and numbers before getting to Kindergarten. Nowadays, you can’t assume Johnny will know that. The educational system is broken all to hell, that’s for sure, but let’s not pretend parents have nothing to do with the education of their kids.

    Privatize. Let schools kick out teachers and students that are not making the grade. Specialize so that you are not forcing all students into the same curriculum.

  • Kris

    Hey, I’m quite willing to assign blame to the parents, and to recognize the difficult job teachers face. But if certain educational establishments cannot overcome that and actually teach Johnny to read, then they are no better than babysitters and should be paid accordingly.

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