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Philadelphia: The Cheesiest Are Robbing the Neediest

Marian Tasco and Ronald Donatucci should be ashamed of themselves.  Their shortsighted greed is wrecking Philadelphia.

Marian Tasco is a Philadelphia city councilor who voted for DROP, an outrageous pension giveaway that allows the shameless and depraved to retire for one day, collect a six figure retirement payout, and return to work the next morning.

Yesterday the councilwoman “retired”, collected $478,000 and will be back at ‘work’ Monday morning, no doubt spouting windy and meaningless rhetoric about her desire to serve and help the poor people she has just shamelessly ripped off.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, aware that many children in his city get pathetic educational opportunities and that many other residents lack basic safety and health services, vetoed Tasco’s bill continuing the “DROP” retirement system designed to give undeserved windfalls to greedy and unprincipled people like Tasco.  DROP is, one needs hardly say, backed by the shortsighted public unions who are working to destroy Philadelphia as they destroyed Detroit.

Marian Tasco fought to overturn the veto.  She won, and took the money.

Ronald Donatucci is another Philadelphia jerk who has brought shame, dishonor and disgrace on himself and his family.  Donatucci, the city’s “Recorder of Wills”, “retired” last week and will also be back at work Monday.  His brief stint in retirement ‘earned’ him almost $367,000.

In a healthier society, the children and grandchildren of such people would be down at the county courthouse changing their names to avoid the burden of shame and disgrace that would otherwise blight their lives.  No retirement financed so foolishly can be peaceful; let’s hope Tasco and Donatucci come to their senses, refund these ill-gotten gains and lead the fight to save Philadelphia by giving it a sensible and sustainable set of employment and retirement policies for its employees.

It would also be nice if the White House would use the bully pulpit to denounce this destructive behavior by officials abusing the public trust.  The President believes that government has a vital role to play in defending and assisting the poor; surely he should be among the first to denounce those who abuse positions of power and divert badly needed funds from the neediest to the cheesiest.

h/t: The PJ Tatler and The Philadelphia Daily News.

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  • McDonnell

    It would be a shame if, on these clowns’ triumphant return to work Monday, pieces of the city’s crumbling infrastructure were to DROP out of the sky onto their respective heads.

  • Kenny

    From many years of observation, a rule can be formed: “The pigs in government employee will always take care of themselves before everything and everyone else.”

  • David

    As long as these folks don’t try to crash Renaissance Weekend their gravy train should be safe.

  • Alex Scipio

    Philly voters vote for these idiots, right?

    Kinda like the [racially charged reference deleted] voting for Obama & expecting economic policies to help them progress.


    But – you get what you vote for.

  • bobby b

    Philly pols are openly ripping off hundreds of thousands of dollars from their taxpayers, in ways that seem to be indefensible. Chicago pols are doing the same thing. California pols have voted themselves near-million-dollar salaries, paid for by near-broke communities.

    Government officials openly, brazenly, direct taxpayer money to their own campaign supporters and boosters and friends. They hire their unqualified wives and kids and friends into high-paying positions that require little if any work.

    How much of Obama’s stimulus money mysteriously went to people who donated heavily to his last campaign? Seems like every such project to hit the news lately includes at least one “big donor”. How much money has he funneled – openly! – to his past cronies such as ACORN?

    It’s all done openly, brazenly, with a sneering flavor of “yeah, what are you going to do about it?”

    I think that we’ve removed just a little bit too much of the real fear for their lives that such people used to have. When a politician can openly – openly! – steal hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars and hand them out to his friends, and then essentially sneer about it without even addressing the accusation – when this becomes the norm, it’s clear that we’ve sheltered them from the costs of their actions far too completely.

  • Buster Bunns

    If the folk of Philidelphia do not react in a froth of righteous indignation they deserve everything they get. The ball is in their court. They are the ones who need to reign these clowns in.

  • Lorenz Gude

    Things have gone downhill since the days when Boss Tweed ruled New York. I have always been annoyed when my English friends compare their country to virtuous Ancient Greece and America to debauched Imperial Rome. Now I would have to concede the point but indulge in a bit of schadenfreude by pointing out that they are now broke like modern Greece.

  • SC Mike

    Your hope that the president says something about the Philly racket may be in vain. I’m still waiting for his comments on what his and my home town are up to. Back in September the Chicago Tribute ran a story on how a law gives huge pension perks to union leaders.

    The short story is that a state law passed in the 1990s allows union leaders to collect municipal pensions even though they may have worked only a few weeks for the city of Chicago. Somewhere around 23 retired union officials from Chicago stand to collect about $56 million from two ailing city pension funds.

    My favorite part is that because the law bases the city pensions on the labor leaders’ union salaries, they are reaping retirement benefits that far outstrip the modest salaries they made as city employees. On average, their pensions are nearly three times higher than what the typical retired city worker receives.

    Follow the link, the specifics are disgusting.

  • kerry

    “…if the White House would use the bully pulpit…” It may be best that the Casa Blanca not know of this scheme, lest they admire and envy its results and imitate them. The corrupt and tyrannical need too little prompting.

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