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Japan Chooses Lockheed’s F-35

In yet another sign of closer cooperation between Asian powers and the US, Japan has chosen the F-35 fighter as the jet of choice to upgrade its air force.

Reports the WSJ:

Washington, Japan’s chief security ally, had quietly pushed the case for a U.S. jet by highlighting the importance of interoperability and the ability to share critical parts and conduct joint maintenance, say U.S. and Japanese officials.

Not only does this signal closer cooperation between Washington and Tokyo, it is also the kind of agreement any president would want to get in bad economic times, boosting exports and creating jobs. Broadly speaking, the administration’s Asian initiative matches up with both the country’s values and interests as the average American tends to understand those things.  The new Asia policy has legs.

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  • Evan

    Speaking as an engineer who has worked on the F-35 (but I’m employed elsewhere now), this is great news. It’s a shame that Congress couldn’t unstick their head enough to allow the F-22 to be sold to Japan but this sale is good news and Japan needs every edge against the PRC’s growing aerial arsenal.

  • adrianita

    What is he tankilg about? Very few states can describe themselves as financially independent. His rhetoric, presumably, is for domestic, political consumption. Otherwise, he is demonstrating, again, a very poor grasp of economics!Passing round the plate at Mass on Sundays to help reduce national debt? Only in Orbanistan.

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