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The Law of the Syrian Jungle

The bloodbath in Syria continues as the Assad regime tramples on its agreement with the Arab League. The Washington Post reports:

Syrian troops on Monday routed government opponents in a neighborhood of Homs that had emerged in recent weeks as a center of armed resistance to the regime led by President Bashar al-Assad, dealing what appeared to be a serious setback to the protest movement and to an Arab League peace initiative designed to end the violence. […]

The offensive was accompanied by a surge in retaliatory sectarian killings in which hospital workers and human rights groups have said at least 70 people died, illustrating the potential for this religiously mixed city in the heart of Syria to serve as a crucible for a civil war many have feared since the uprising erupted in March. […]

Arab leaders have effectively declared the initiative dead, and Qatar has summoned an emergency meeting of the league to address next steps against Syria.

Assad continues to stake his future on the belief that the “international community” and the “duty to protect” are imaginary beasts.  So far, there is nothing to show he is wrong.

The Libyan war was billed as a demonstration that the “duty to protect” had become the policy of governments in Britain, France and the US.  This was always a hollow pretense, though many policymakers were delusional enough to believe it.  Assad was too smart to be fooled; he understood that the West’s Libyan adventure made him more secure, not less so.  The West has no appetite or energy to stop the bloodbath in Syria; the ‘duty to protect’ is a slogan, not a law.

We still live in a brutal world; at the moment, Assad is living by the law of the jungle, and it is working very well for him.

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  • Corlyss

    Nobody’s going to touch Syria as long as Iran stands behind Assad. Pointless to call what’s happening there more than what it is: a failing revolution. Yawn.

  • Lars Løkke Rasmussen

    Could you please prevent people like Villy Søvndal acces to your website, else I will be banging you all!

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