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If you couldn’t see the humorous parts of the eurozone crisis, Open Europe has been keeping track for you: they have a running list of arguments, bust-ups, and insults thrown around Europe by tense leaders.

The Christian exodus from the Middle East continues. This is something Via Meadia has been paying attention to for some time; Foreign Policy had a piece on it yesterday. It’s a good read, but a tragic subject.

A Pakistani pop group Bayghairat (Shameless) Brigade is taking on the Pakistani government and the military with sharp, satirical – and popular – music. Their first single, called Aaloo Andey (which means potato and egg curry) attacks the chief of the Pakistani military and Islamic fundamentalism, and laments the unpopularity of Pakistan’s one Nobel prize winner, Abdus Salam, who belongs to the widely disliked Ahmadi sect. Other Pakistanis are becoming increasingly bold in their political satire. But they do it at personal risk – cartoonist Mohammad Zahoor recalls living through weeks of harassment by “clean-shaven men” after a series of anti-Taliban cartoons.

The long arm of the Syrian security services.

Will the disintegrating blue social model lead to privatized police forces? It’s already happening, says Nate Berg at the Atlantic Cities.

Italy’s government is in danger of collapsing.

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