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Amid reports that President Hugo Chavez is back in Cuba for further medical tests, the Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled that even if Leopoldo López, a popular opposition leader, beats Chavez in next year’s elections, he will not be allowed to take office. His determination to run anyway, and ineligibility should he actually win enough votes, threatens to further divide the already fractured Venezuelan political opposition.

Is the Great Loon dead?

China’s credit crunch is hitting the country’s rail networks, forcing railway builders to postpone plans to lay as much as 6,000 miles of track.

Italian energy company Eni hit a big natural gas field off the coast of Mozambique, which could make the African country a gas-exporting country in the next few years. Mozambique’s location makes it an ideal exporter of gas to Asia.

Former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad argues at Foreign Policy that the US government is unintentionally losing Afghanistan to the Chinese. Despite spending $20 million to organize bidding rounds for Afghanistan’s mineral and energy resources, the Pentagon is giving a big advantage to state-owned corporations over private companies which are accountable to shareholders.

Remember when start-ups flocked to Silicon Valley for the hottest real estate in the tech business? Nowadays (partly because of the increased cost for business and living in California, we suspect), tech companies and start-ups are popping up all over the US – from Pittsburgh to the South. The Atlantic reports on the phenomenon.

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  • J R Yankovic

    Thanks for the very valuable heads-up re the Khalilzad article. I notice that in it he writes:

    “Because they are not accountable to shareholders, [state-owned] Chinese firms can offer better commercial terms based on geopolitical motives rather than profit-driven necessities. The process also does not give points for good business practices in areas such as transparency, local employment, and the environment.”

    Notice, too, how BOLD the Chinese are about fishing in the anything-but-untroubled waters of Afghanistan. Do they worry about Talibanization, I wonder? Or about the future viability of an INDEPENDENT Afghan state? Indeed, I shouldn’t be surprised if the last item on their politico-corporate agendas was an Afghanistan that’s non-threatening to INDIA as well as Pakistan.

    A rational China, of course, would see much more value in a stable, friendly India than in a pseudo-friendly unstable Pakistan. Then again, when faced with the imperatives of imperial-corporate will-to-power, why listen to reason? (“Just you wait – and WATCH how we’re avenged for centuries of Western humiliation!” Actually it was nowhere near even a century-and-a-half. And besides, why take it out on India? Sort of reminds me of those heroic, Asia-loving anti-imperialists, the Imperial Japanese, presumably smarting from – what, decades? of Western humiliation. So what did they do? They proceeded to disembowel China . . .)

    But if my musings are correct, it only reinforces a suspicion I have concerning the Anti-people’s Republic: That, namely, it much prefers to think of China in what I like to call corporate-civilizational terms, rather than as a humble mere nation and territory (a common enough self-misperception among “great” nations, I suppose – and one that’s done its share of harm to us Americans too). In other words, never you mind about the safety of Han Chinese colonists, say, on the the Sinkiang frontier, in the face of spreading Islamist radicalization. I mean, what’s the physical safety of a couple of generations of mostly nobodies, compared to the glory of the LEGACY we’re building?

    As I like to say, if you’re planning to be instrumental to the prosperity and progress of ANOTHER country’s people, it sure helps to know how to look after your own.

  • Anthony

    WRM, let’s end fiction that Libyan rebels (ad hoc soliders) deystroyed Qaddafi regime – U.S. military affected that change over eight months. Now, we watch results….

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