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Light Posting Alert: Mead Clan Celebrates Diamond Jubilee

The next day or two could see some light posting on the site; the Mead clan and its affiliates and allies are gathering in Virginia to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of the Venerable Mead and the Grand Matriarch.  Their descendants (including the first of what looks to be a great host of great-grandchildren) are present, as are some of the wedding party.

Thirty years ago the anniversary was celebrated with an epic pig picking in South Carolina, stories from which will no doubt be retold tonight.  Twenty years ago the Venerable Mead celebrated by swimming the Hellespont with yours truly while the Matriarch observed the action from a Turkish ship, eating figs and drinking brandy.  Ten years ago those near and dear to them gathered at the hotel in Charleston, South Carolina where they spent the first night of their honeymoon.  This year’s celebration will be held at the retirement center where they joined some of their old friends and are making some new ones.

For sixty years this blessed couple has been making the world a better place.  They provided a happy home and good educations for four children who are close friends today.  Each of them through active careers and volunteer service did their fair share and more in the common task of enriching and developing their country and the world.  The various homes they lived in at different stages of their lives have been centers of community and social life, always open and welcoming to people of all faiths and no faith and of all stations in life.  No one has ever been turned away from their door, no stranger was ever left friendless at their table, no one has ever been made to feel unwelcome or alone at the warm fire of their hospitable and generous love.

When asked what was the secret of this long and happy marriage, my parents have always said the same thing.  “We made a deal at the beginning,” they say.  “Whoever left had to take the children.”

In reality the reason they have been together and happy for so long is that each has consistently chosen, even when it was hard, to put love, loyalty and duty first.  They never had very much money, but always did the important things, and they always gave money away.  They knew that domestic happiness does not involve the construction of a private refuge, but that the purpose of building a home is to share.  They were always interested in each others’ growth and career.  They took, and take, their wedding vows seriously.  They lived in the light of the Lord of life.

And over sixty years they built a palace of love that even today is a beacon of welcome and light for their family and their friends.  To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of any wedding is unusual; to celebrate this couple and these lives is such a privilege and a pleasure that we are awed and abashed by our undeserved good luck.

Readers, may all of you know moments like this.  Life is good.

Regular posting will resume in due course.

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  • ms

    Congratulations to the Venerable Mead Matriarch and Patriarch! May they celebrate many more anniversaries with their family and friends. If only every child could have such parents.

  • Kenny

    Congrats and best wishes.


    “We made a deal at the beginning,” they say. “Whoever left had to take the children.”

    I will remember that.

  • Jane Hart Lewis

    I love what you wrote about your parents and count myself fortunate to have been able to have been a recipient of their very special love. Please pass along my good wishes and thanks.

  • david c

    All the best to you and your family!

  • Corlyss

    Congrats to a couple with remarkable endurance.

  • John

    God bless the entire tribe, as clearly He has already–and if they’re much at all like you, the tribe has blessed everyone with whom they’ve come into contact.

    Thanks for sharing this time of joy, Walter, and thanks for your efforts in this blog.

  • WigWag

    Congratulations on the Diamond wedding anniversary!

  • Chaim

    Congratulations and best wishes to the entire Mead family. What a beautiful story. Lives well lived. And a blessing to the world. May they have many more celebrations to come.

  • Toni

    Look all around you. Our world has too many examples of bad parenting passed down from generation to generation.

    To hear the story of a faithful couple who passed along examples of good parenting is incomparably heartening.

    Here’s to the Venerable Mead and the Grand Matriarch and all the progeny who have passed and are passing along those examples! The world needs more of you.

  • Raymond R

    Congratulations and may you have many more

  • Soul

    Happy anniversary for your parents, and hope the reunion goes well for all!

    As someone that at one time worked extensively on his family genealogy, I would joke about family reunions and meeting distant cousins for the first time – the legend can often be better than reality!

    What you mention about your family reminds me a bit of my father’s folks. My grandparents were as poor as they come. When they got married they had no where to live. So my great grandfather split off around half of his house – a house he built himself – and dragged it to the other side of his farm for them to live in. There they raised 4 boys. Granddad never was healthy, he was a diabetic, and holding jobs was not easy for him. He eventually stopped trying and took up rock hunting in geologic rich eastern Oregon. He had some success, most notably finding a large uranium deposit. Didn’t make much money on it, but was always proud of what he did. And my grandmother was a volunteer nurse, who I believe also was a bit into politics. her uncle at least was an elected official in Idaho and later worked in DC and she followed his work. She was well thought of, and hard to believe after all these years, but I will occasionally hear about how much of a difference her work made for others.

    But despite the lack of wealth, my father and 3 uncles often say the small home was full of love and caring. All have gone on to successful careers, lives and more or less are friends today often taking with each other.

  • Anthony

    “They never had much money but always did the important things”…. And the reward is there love and progeny – God Bless.

  • SteveMG

    “Celebrate we will ’cause life is short but sweet for certain.”

    So very sweet.

    Congrats Mr. Meade. You’re a very wealthy man.

  • Scott

    Thank you for sharing this loving glimpse of your world. Your postings are even more meaningful knowing a little of the ground out of which they grow.

  • Pete Dellas

    In a day when marriages are as expendable as baby diapers, a marriage of 60 years ought to be celebrated and held up as a role model! Congratulations to the Meads on such a wonderful milestone.

  • Tim Nauss

    Walter, I attended the 50th event in Charleston and considered myself very fortunate indeed. These two people are so special in my life and I wish I could have been there again this time around. Please extend my hearty congratulations to Loren and Polly!

    They say the apple does not fall from the tree. In your parents case, they benefit greatly from their respective two families and their parents, which were notable themselves. Those southern values have long legs and have followed your parents over the years as they moved from place to place raising the four of you.

    I call myself fortunate to know them and be an extended part of your family.

    Thank you again for sharing.

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