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Staff Resists New Round of Goldman Sachs Cuts

The financial crisis is clearly much worse than the public has been told.  The London Daily Telegraph reports that Goldman Sachs, shaken by the brutal economic environment, has ordered thousands of dollars of potted plants removed from its London offices as an economy measure.  Staff were reportedly so horrified that they physically tried to stop workman from carting the plants out the door.

Quite right, too.  The line must be drawn somewhere.  Next thing you know they will cut out the champagne in the break room.

Readers wishing to chip in to prevent any further cutbacks to the i-bankers are welcome to send their contributions to Via Meadia. We promise to find an appropriate use for any funds so received.

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  • Bruce B

    It’s not that the economy is so bad. It’s that with all the visibility on Goldman Sachs, it’s becoming harder for them to manipulate the markets. Trading profits are down. Last quarter, they had 15 days where they lost money trading. In 2009 they had quarters where they didn’t lose money on one single day. See what happens when you punish the rich? The people who take care of their plants and wash their underwear lose their jobs.

  • Alan Kellogg

    If donating to Via Media doesn’t floaat your boat, Mythusmage Opines will gladly apply your gild to a good cause. (New glasses for me for one thing. 🙂 )

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