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Perhaps a Wee Bit of Fat in the Budget Still?

From überblogger Mickey Kaus comes the link to an ad for an obviously vital position with the US government: an Associate Administrator of Administration for the Department of Transportation in Washington DC.  The job pays anywhere between a miserly $119,554 to a slightly more reasonable $179,000, so it’s a financial sacrifice, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that the administration administrator you facilitate sits at the heart of a vital, throbbing part of our glorious state.  The responsibilities are enticingly vague and mysterious:

The Associate Administrator for Administration is the principal administrative and management official of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA).  The Associate Administrator for Administration provides executive direction for Human Resources, Information Technology, Acquisition, and Grants Services.  In addition, the individual selected will serve as a principal member of the staff of RITA and participate in Administration policy and program information, providing advice and assistance in directing, coordinating, controlling and insuring the adequacy of RITA plans, programs, and fiscal policies.

The only absolute requirement is that you be a citizen of the United States: no college, no previous experience, nothing.  It looks like you will need a few TQs and also you’ll have write an “effective EQM narrative”, but don’t worry: some other team of featherbedding, process fetishizing bureaucrats has developed a handy website that tells you exactly how this can be done.

So hop to that website, kids, and get your resumés in.  At the rate things are going, Uncle Sam may not have all that many more jobs like this to give away.

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  • Mike McNally

    How on earth would anyone know whether or not they were qualified to do this job? Unless, perhaps, there’s an exceptional amount of latitude for the successful candidate to develop the role as they see fit…

  • Richard S

    Lovely RITA meter maid . . .

  • Kris

    So the Department of Transportation, no less, has a Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)…

    Oh, lovely RITA, where would we be without you?

  • Ayne Rand

    Holy Moses, what a fix we are in. This is certainly the tip of the iceburg that is our federal bureaucracy

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