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Is The Force With The Loon?

Gaddafi’s forces are using witchcraft and spells in the fight against Libyan rebels. A Libyan fighter over the weekend discovered pages of African black magic spells on the battlefield that would protect a person from bullets. The accusations of black magic appear to be confirmed by the story of a Gaddafi soldier walking in the open while ten rebels opened fire on him with a variety of weapons. The soldier walked away unharmed.

Either the rebels are bad at shooting or Gaddafi’s soldiers are now bewitching rebel fighters. Both possibilities are cause for concern.

And it’s even worse.  Since the “days not weeks war” began all those months ago, Berlusconi has faced one mishap after the other, the spread between French and German government bonds has widened, London is challenged by the worst riots in years, and the US has lost its AAA credit rating.

And this just in from Al-Jazeera in English: the Libyan opposition Transitional National Council has just dissolved in the midst of accusations and bitterness.

The Force is strong with this one.

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  • Jim.

    So Gadfly’s soldiers are imitating the Boxer Rebellion, and they’re still winning?

    Welcome to the Pax Francais. And people want to cut Defense?…

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