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Gallup: US Conservatives Outnumber Liberals 2-1

The latest Gallup survey of US political ideologies is out, and anybody who wants to understand why Democrats kept ceding ground during the debt battle should take a look at these numbers.

41 percent of American adults call themselves conservative, 21 percent call themselves liberals.  36 percent call themselves moderate; the biggest change in American political ideology in the last 20 years has been a gradual growth in the conservative bloc at the expense of moderates.  In 1992 moderates outnumbered conservatives; since the middle of 2008 conservatives have enjoyed an edge.

This is a conservative country with a moderate streak.  Push it too far to the left, and the voters push back.

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  • Bruno Behrend

    Back in 2009, when I was working on a political campaign, I was given access to a top-level analysis of voter identification cross-tabbed with their actual beliefs on issues.

    Without going into too much detail, the study showed that most “Moderates” are mostly liberal on an issue-by-issue basis. This is why the ratchet of government is mostly clicked in the “more” direction.

    The right/limited government crowd has a huge opportunity in the next few election cycles to create a shift among moderates.

    The key issue is spending, how it is done (baseline v. zero-based budgeting), and where it is wasted (fight for full transparency of every dime of money).

    Another issue hits close to home – education, which is often tied to obscene property taxes. Show your moderate friends where this money goes (administration and other payroll bloat), and they start to shift quickly.

    The overall case to be made is that the US is rich enough to fund a reasonably strong safety net, but not if it is peeing money away hiring a intellectually, socially, and economically addled class of needless bureaucrats.

    Talk to your neighbors. Run for precinct committeeman in either party. Run for school board or the state legislature.

    Now is the time.

  • Kris

    Sh, but we liberals are actually moderate, unlike those extremist conservatives, so we in the liberal-moderate camp actually significantly outnumber them. How dare they try to impose their minority extremist agenda on the country!

  • Luke Lea

    Americans want to conserve their standard of living. 🙂

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