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If Bush Were Still President, The World Would Be Ending

From the BBC:

A top US adviser on Iraq has accused the US military of glossing over an upsurge in violence, just months before its troops are due to be withdrawn.

Iraq is more dangerous now than a year ago, said a report issued by the US Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, Stuart W Bowen Junior.

He said the killing of US soldiers and senior Iraqi figures, had risen, along with attacks in Baghdad.

A security meltdown in Iraq?  US officials ignoring the problem?  In the bad old Age of Bush, the media would be on this story like white on rice.  Headlines, talking heads, grave speeches from the Senate floor.  But fortunately the Democrats are in charge now, and the press doesn’t feel the need to make such a fuss about a little policy failure.

They told me the bad news would stop if we elected Barack Obama — and they were right!!

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  • Creid

    Hm. Are you sure it’s not that we live in an age of attention-deficit media, and that the Iraq War has been trudging on for ages and no one is interested in it anymore?

    Maybe it’s not a liberal bias so much as it is a sensationalist bias?

  • Bradley

    While to some extent I think you’re right here, I believe you are underestimating the effect of media coverage of the debt crisis. I think it would be sucking up most of the oxygen regardless of who was president.

  • hrvelezjr

    There wouldn’t have to have been a “glossing over” of anything having to do with Iraq if for the [false] stories about “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!”

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