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The Great Game Picks Up

The old “great game” in Asia was the contest between Russia and Britain as Russia moved south and west and British power moved north from India. Round two came during the Cold War as the Soviets pushed toward Iran and Afghanistan and the US pushed back.

The new great game is between China and India; at the moment India is strengthening relations with Bangladesh and, apparently, may be planning roads across the former East Pakistan that would give India’s army better access to its easternmost provinces and the disputed boundary with China. (See the map here)

Keep an eye on this one; in the long run, the India-China relationship will do more to shape our world than virtually anything that happens anywhere else.

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  • Jim.

    I cordially disagree; as much as I like foreign policy, it isn’t as important as whether the United States decides it will concentrate on a strong economy and a strong country going into the future, or if the United States decides its purpose is to make everyone in the US as comfortable as possible as we surrender every other human pursuit in the name of “Maintaining Government Services As We Know Them”.

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