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Curtains for Qaeda in AfPak?

Could that rosy fingered light on the summits of the Hindu Kush actually be dawn?

Al Qaeda is dying. So say senior officials in the Obama administration, echoing new Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s recent declaration in Afghanistan: “We’re within reach of strategically defeating al-Qaeda”.

Let’s hope they are right. With Osama bin Laden dead and drone strikes continuing to pick off militants in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere, we are getting closer to scratching off everything on our Afghan to do list.

That won’t of course the end of the conflict formerly known as the global war on terror.  It won’t even secure America’s last remaining Afghan objectives: ensuring that the country will never again be a source of terrorism against us or destabilization in the region.

But taking out Bin Laden and breaking up his core network is something America had to do.  Via Meadia is grateful to everyone who played a role.

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  • Luke Lea

    ‘. . ensuring that the country will never again be a source of terrorism. . . ? We knocked them out in 30 days in 2003. We could do it again if they set up base. Declare victory, come home, save money, save face, save bones, brains, limbs, boys and girls.

  • Rob Miller

    Sorry, Mr. Mead.. but in looking at this story, one has to ask the old question, ‘cui bono? Who benefits?’

    This is pure politics, all about getting President Obama re-elected and extremely dangerous and irresponsible.

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