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Are Some Greens Wising Up?

Could greens be learning some lessons from the catastrophic meltdown of the global climate agenda?  A new way — says a diverse group of scholars from Oxford, LSE, Third Way, the American Enterprise Institute, and elsewhere — aims to “accelerate energy innovation, build resilience to extreme weather, and pursue no regrets pollution reduction measures”.

The Climate Pragmatism report acknowledges that even if the science behind climate change is accepted, any emission regulation system that restricts economic growth will fail. Instead we need to prioritize “agreements that promise near-term economic, geopolitical, and environmental benefits to political economies around the world” while at the same time developing “developing clean and affordable energy technologies”.

The report, available here (pdf), is worth a read.

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  • Jim.

    Anything that retards economic growth these days is a non-starter.

  • Luke Lea

    Instead of (or along with) cleaner, more energy-efficient technologies we might look for cleaner, more energy-efficient ways to organize our lives in both time and space to achieve a given standard of living. I imagine it might look something like this.

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