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Top UK Researcher Calls Prince Charles a Cheap Quack

HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, and heir to the British throne, is one of the world’s most prominent greens.

He is also, according to Britain’s most authoritative researcher on alternative medicine, a “snake oil salesman” who sells quack herbal medicines that don’t work.

Now personally I have no idea whether the Prince’s Duchy Herbals detox tincture cures everything from cancer to ringworm or whether it is worthless trash.

But Prince Charles’ advocacy of dubious treatments and fuzzy pseudo-scientific though epitomizes the deep confusion and dishonesty at the core of the modern green movement.  On the one hand, we get harsh lectures from greens whenever “science” supports a policy idea greens like.  But when greens don’t like a scientific consensus, they throw it right out of the window.

That kind of silliness may be endearing when embraced by the heir to a powerless throne; for a political movement seeking to change the world it is crippling.

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  • David from Boston

    Why do you think his mother is still Queen? Because she knows her son is a idiot and her love of God and Country won’t allow her to hand over the keys of the kingdom him. One year of King Charles and parliament would surely dissolve the monarchy.

  • Martin Berman-Gorvine

    Oh, please. Tarring the entire environmental movement with Prince Charles’ well-known idiocy? This is really beneath you, Professor Mead.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      The prince’s intellectual wooliness is not as uncharacteristic of contemporary greens as you seem to believe. The hazy sentimental mist in which many greens choose to live is one part of our climate that needs to change.

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