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One Crop North Korea Comes to Market, Again

Yet again the US is trying diplomacy with North Korea.  A high ranking diplomat from the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea has been invited to the US for talks about re-starting the six party talks.

The Clinton administration tried diplomacy with North Korea.  It failed.  The Bushies tried the same thing — and had the same result.  The Obama administration has so far failed in its turn: the North Korea nuclear program continues to crawl forward.

Don’t expect much more.  North Korea is a classic one-crop economy.  Nukes are the only things it can make that the world wants to buy.  If the US offers enough aid, North Korea will make concessions — but it won’t willingly give up the core of its program.  After all, if the Dear Leader truly shut the program down, he would have no way of getting more aid from a new round of talks.

The Angl0-Saxons tried this kind of foreign policy 1100 years ago; they paid danegeld to the Vikings every year so they would go away.  Chief drawback:  incentivizing the Vikings to come back next year.  Same situation now:  the more we pay, the more they want to play.

It stinks but so do all our other choices.  Foreign policy isn’t always a field of dreams.

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  • Luke Lea

    And it was while the Anglo-Saxons were combatting one Norman invasion in the north that the other Norman invasion triumphed in the south.

  • Jack

    The mal-nourishment of nearly an entire population. That same population denied the most basic and essential human rights.

    Lets remember this one thing:

    The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    There seems to be a lot of that going around these days.

  • Tyler

    Yes, that’s just what we need. Another country to “liberate”. Ask Afghanistan and Iraq how that’s working out for them. Our government can’t afford to run our own country. The last thing we need is to take care of another one.

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