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Gangs of Iraqi Jews Forcing Christians To Convert?

At least that’s the story according to Al-Mustaqbal, a daily newspaper published in Iraq and translated by MEMRI.

According to this report, gangs of Jews operating under the wing of secretive forces perched high within Iraq’s government are forcing Christians to convert to Judaism at gunpoint. Those who refuse are forced to emigrate to Turkey where, the shock story reveals, the head of the relevant UN office is — a Jew.

In the past these mysteriously powerful and well connected Jews are said to have used American military vehicles for their nefarious activities; now they use cars with diplomatic plates.

Stories like this abound in the Middle Eastern press; even cynics and realists swallow anti-Semitic legends with childish gullibility.

Anti-Semitism remains a leading indicator for social and economic failure.  Anti-Semites blame the hidden power of the Jews for their marginalization and weakness.  The reality is that anti-Semitism is often if not always bound up with a basic inability to understand or respond to the forces of diversity and innovation that shape the modern world.

In reality, of course, the Christians of Iraq don’t have much time worrying about armed gangs of Jewish proselytizers.  Their troubles come from the followers of a different religion, and they are grave.

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  • Andy S

    As bad as our press is, it is hard to relate to that kind of propaganda. I am reminded of the civilian Okinawans during WWII — after the Americans had taken the island, thousands of them threw themselves off a cliff because they had been led to believe the Americans would commit the most horrible atrocities.

  • Richard F. Miller

    Walter: I’ve done two stints in Iraq as an embedded journalist. As a Jew, I sought out the remnants of the community for what I thought would be interesting interviews.

    It was a nice thought, but I couldn’t connect with any.

    In 2004, the estimated Jewish population in Iraq entire was an estimated 100 (down from 50,000 in 1900.)

    And the few remaining (there were ten or so rumored to be in Baghdad) weren’t talking, even to co-religionists traveling with those famously Philosemitic Americans.

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