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Greens Hate Science

Science is a funny thing in the hands of today’s global greens.

Greens decry their political adversaries as unsophisticated, anti-science simpletons for questioning the empirical evidence behind global warming.

Yet when it comes to scientific evidence that hurts their cause, the greens are full out flat earthers. Take genetically modified foods, for example: the scientific community has generally concluded that they are perfectly safe for consumption and that the widespread use of GMOs will help feed the world’s poor.  These conclusions are at least as “settled” as the evidence for climate change.

The sober response of the “reality based” and “pro-science” greens?  Yesterday, Australian Greenpeace activists snuck into a government run farm and destroyed a crop of genetically modified wheat.

Meanwhile, there is considerable doubt about the health benefits of organic food and they might even be worse for the environment than the regular kind.

That greens are irrational and willful isn’t surprising.  Most people are, at least some of the time.  What is surprising and even a bit disheartening is the blindness of the mainstream media to the obvious hypocrisy and bad faith of a movement which so consistently tries to have it both ways.

For the sake of the planet, that needs to change.

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  • Kenny

    Mr. Mead, you’re not the only one exposing the environmental hucksters.

    I refer you to “An environmental Reformation” by Steven Hayward (National Review, July 18).

    It tells how two more or less prominent environmentalists (Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus) are trying to bring the Greens back from their kookiness and get nothing but hate in return. That’s H-A-T-E, Mr. Mead.

    An interesting point in the article is how Stu Brand of Whole Earth Catologue fame is another convert to reality. Brand is going around noting how a single organic farm in German has recently killed more people than have all the nuclear power plants that German is rushing to close.

    This NR article, along with your critique, are good evidence that the tide is indeed turning against the kooks and radical environmentalists.

    It looks like the elite will have to find another way to try and socialize the world. Maybe they’ll try another war.

  • glenn

    Interesting column by Bjorn Lomborg in the Australian, re Australia’s newly-proposed Carbon Tax, and how it’s being marketed by the government:

  • David Hoffman

    It seems they have been going around and destroying genetically modified crops all over the place. I’ve seen stories about this happening in Belgium and Germany over the past few months.

  • Swearjar

    A minor correction – the police raid was yesterday; the actual attack on the crops was last Friday. What was the most disturbing aspect of this story was the total lack of criticism of this Luddite-like attack by the Greens in Federal Parliament or in the ACT (local) government in Canberra.

    The Greens – at the Federal level here in Australia – are still coming to terms with sharing responsibility for irresponsible actions. As this episode shows, they still have a lot to learn.

  • David Joerg

    Can you provide any links to back up the claim that “the scientific community has generally concluded that they are perfectly safe for consumption”?

    I have no strong opinion on this yet, just trying to learn the facts.

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