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Post Hails Berger's Latest

Famed sociologist (and TAI blogger) Peter Berger is not only one of the best known sociologists of our time but one of the funniest men alive with an near-infinite supply of jokes.  His outsized personality and Truly Giant Brain are on full display in his new book out, called Adventures of an Accidental Sociologist. The Washington Post hails his ‘clear eyed sense of self’ and his irresistible sense of humor, noting that he compares economists (unfavorably) to fundamentalist mullahs.  Read the review here: buy the book here.

We had a dinner at TAI to celebrate the book and Peter’s blog; Peter told us about the man who was diagnosed with a terminal disease and told by his doctor that he had only a year to live.  “Is there anything I can do?” the man asked the doctor.

“Yes,” the doctor said.  “Marry a sociologist and move to North Dakota.”

“And that will cure me?” asked the patient.

“No, but the year will seem much longer,” the doctor replied.

Read the book: it will show you how rich, how useful and how interesting the life of a real intellectual can be.

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