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American Position In Asia Still On the Rise

China is spending more money and talking more trash around the neighborhood, but the American backed Asian security order is looking stronger by the day.  China’s problem in a nutshell: the more it tries to throw its weight around, the more its neighbors turn to the US, and try to bring India into the picture.

Latest example: Former Filipino president Fidel Ramos is calling for the establishment of multilateral conflict resolution mechanisms in Asia designed to minimize China’s clout by institutionalizing the roles of India and the US in the Asian security system.

The life of a rising superpower is hard.  If China builds a big navy, the US doesn’t have to match it ship for ship.  Japan, Vietnam, India and Australia will all strengthen their navies and the US will just have to match part of China’s build up to keep power balanced.

Things could go wrong; as Admiral Mike Mullen recently pointed out in Beijing, the US and China will have to work carefully to keep the peace and avoid misunderstandings.  But what you are seeing in Asia isn’t American decline; it’s the development of a US-backed balance of power that supports core American interests in Asia and around the world at a sustainable cost.

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