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Tea Party Zombies Dead Twice A Day

Back in March, Dan Drezner argued that my piece in Foreign Affairs marked the beginning of the end for the Tea Party as a factor in American foreign policy. Yet today, Dan observes that the Tea Party — high on the electoral and political successes of its “no retreat, no surrender” strategy — is a major factor in the GOP’s uncompromising bargaining position on raising the debt ceiling.  Last time I looked, the Tea Party-friendly House GOP’s hostility to cuts in military spending was helping to drive the debt ceiling debate.

Dan is now predicting that the Tea Party’s Waterloo (Waterloo Two?) is at hand because it has gone so far out on a limb on the debt ceiling.  This could happen, and populist right wing movements have suddenly dissipated in the past (think Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition).  But one thing I do know: if you predict something often enough, you will sooner or later be right.

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