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Episode 8: The War on Norms and a Want of Women in Foreign Affairs

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The End of History Ends
Walter Russell Mead

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Happy April Fools Eve, TAI readers! We’ve got a real treat for you on this week’s podcast.

First, host Richard Aldous speaks with Walter Russell Mead about the increasingly common phenomenon of various revisionist regimes flagrantly flouting what Western optimists have thought to be well-established norms in international relations.

Also on the show, Richard speaks with Mara Tchalakov about the conspicuous lack of prominent women in the field of foreign affairs.

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Published on: March 31, 2014
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  • Corlyss

    If most of the women sounded and acted like Jeanne Kirkpatrick, or Condi Rice, or even Madeleine Albright, I’d be all for more women in politically powerful foreign affairs positions.

    But they don’t.

    Most of them are Susan Rices and Samantha Powells and Hillary Clintons, i.e., Dem operatives and like-minded flotsam who think talking about foreign affairs makes them sound like serious thinkers, or at least less frivolous and silly. They natter on about women’s issues this and children’s issues that and why can’t we all get along like kittens and puppies, and the priority of human rights abuses in EVERY western nation’s list of must-dos, above national security and a functioning military. Eventually, instead of Kirkpatrick they end up sounding like a platoon of Sunday School scolds, Temperance and abolition agitators who would know the big picture if they fell over it.

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