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Episode 25: Crisis in Gaza and a Court Case over Flight MH17

Good evening, podcast listeners! On this week’s episode, we discuss two of the biggest flashpoints in the world right now: Ukraine and Gaza.

First, TAI Editor Adam Garfinkle comes back on the show to discuss the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza these recent weeks. Listen in to find out why Adam thinks Hamas may be on the verge of extinction, and why the American terms for a ceasefire may be throwing Hamas a lifeline. If you’d like to learn what’s what about this tense and complicated situation, you’ve come to the right place (and you should also be sure to read Adam’s recent essay in the sidebar).

Then, Johns Hopkins University law professor Ruth Wedgwood discusses what comes next for those seeking to prosecute the people who shot down flight MH17, and how all of this might come back to bite Vladimir Putin—a man whose “KGB past is probably the father of his present,” and who is seemingly not bound by bourgeois scruples or the rule of international law.

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Published on: July 28, 2014
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  • Breif2

    Pleased with Kerry: Hamas, Qatar, Erdogan.
    Displeased (to put it mildly): Israel, Egypt, Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia.

    Heck of a job, Kerry.

    Oh, and also among the displeased: the Administration, which cannot believe anyone would dare be displeased with it.

    “Hamas vastly increased the public role in Gaza … it practically doubled the number of people on the public payroll, and now it can’t pay them.”

    Aha! See, this whole Gaza kerfuffle is an instance of the death pangs of the Blue Model.

    Besides which, the physical disruptions it has caused in Gaza and in Israel demonstrates the value of telework.

    Am I hired? 🙂

  • Duperray

    Bowing to present administration quagmire, just to get any benefit?
    It is astonishing to see how some american are twisting their conviction to make it in line with present administration propaganda: Russia shot down MH17. Pentagon has all necessary downing optical and radio records to identify the guilty. Not a single element of something looking like a bit of proof has been yet released ! The equivoquial Kiev army attitude – despite central orders, artillery pounding crash arena to prevent foreign experts investigation – in contrast with eastern forces cooperation, is so far the clearest available evidence for public media.
    In present dark ages, the New York Liberty statue light (supposed to provide political freedom to the World) is dimming quicly….

  • Duperray

    Another logical reason: A military airplane at 33,000 feet cannot be dangerous for land troops because its weapons take many seconds to hit ground after launch: Troops have time to seek protection. Therefore it was useless for eastern militia to carry complicated anti aircraft missile systems. They need low altitude air defense missiles, hand carried and they did shoot seveal kievian aircraft, while unable to reach 33,000 feet because of very short endurance, anybody knows that..
    Hence militians they had no possibility to shoot MH17 down. Nor had they any motivation for. What could have been their benefit for?
    Same question and answer for Kiev army. But another question raises: Why does Kiev have deployed 4 anti-aircraft Divisions within russian borders? Clearly, this is because they fear or expect a russian massive air attack, nothing to do with a peaceful liner.
    In my opinion, MH17 have probably been shot down by a kievian battery which unwillingly fired it…!

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