Episode 177: A Nazi Purge and a Civil War Conundrum

Relevant Reading:

Take Them All Away
Adam Garfinkle

Will the Nazi Purge Work?
Jason Willick

Greetings, listeners! We have a great episode for you this week as host Richard Aldous speaks with Adam Garfinkle about the case for taking down all Civil War memorials, before discussing the tech industry’s attempted take-down of resurgent white nationalism online.

First, TAI editor Adam Garfinkle returns to the program to discuss the poor understanding so many Americans have of the U.S. Civil War, describing it as a cross between a passion play and a comic book. Putting that in the context of the recent politicization of Confederate statues, he argues that we should be taking all of these Civil War monuments down.

Then, TAI staff writer Jason Willick tells Richard that Silicon Valley’s to quash the recent uprising of alt-right white nationalism on the internet is problematic in practice, not in theory, because tech executives aren’t up to the task.

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Published on: August 30, 2017
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