Episode 17: Britain's "Tea Party Moment" and an Insider's View of Ukraine's Elections

Good evening, TAI podcast listeners! We have an excellent episode for you today, so kick back, relax, and enjoy the show.

First, host Richard Aldous speaks with Michael White, assistant editor at the Guardian, about the rise of fringe parties in recent European Parliamentary elections, and the two discuss what UKIP’s unprecedented rise might mean for Britain’s domestic politics.

Then, James Ketterer, Bard College’s Senior Fellow at the Institute for International Liberal Education and Director of International Academic Initiatives at the Center for Civic Engagement joins us to discuss his time spent working as an observer of Ukraine’s recent presidential elections.

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Published on: June 2, 2014
show comments
  • Pete

    That’s the ticket. Don’t take Nigel Farage seriously. Let the snobs at the Guardian mock him and see what they get in the future.

  • JohnOfEnfield

    Michael White is part of the Establishment. The Labour Government allowed 3.6 million legal immigrants into this country during its last decade in power. And an unknown number of illegal immigrants. Anyone who questions the validity of this action is howled down as a racist. None of the three main political parties have faced up to the results of this policy. Joe Public however sees the results every day, overcrowding in the cities, over-stretched schools & public services of every kind. Third world voting practises imported into ghettoes. You can walk down the full length of your local high street & not hear English spoken. Farage has done one thing, he has allowed this absolutely prime concern of the British people to be discussed openly & sensibly. For doing this, the Establishment (listen to Blair last weekend), have attempted to smear him & his party as racist. The more they attack him, the more determined Joe Public is to be heard. No wonder the Establishment is panicking.

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