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Episode 107: A Partitioned Syria and Putin’s Coup Problem

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Good evening, listeners! We’ve got an excellent episode for you this week, as host Richard Aldous welcomes Adam Garfinkle back to the program to discuss the unraveling situation in Syria before speaking with Karina Orlova about a post-Putin Russia.

First, TAI Editor Adam Garfinkle discusses what’s next for the conflict in Syria, and whether we’re headed—as both Russia and the United States seem to want—towards a partition.

Then, Karina Orlova, Echo of Moscow‘s Washington DC correspondent, discusses the mood in Russia one year after the assassination of Boris Nemtsov. She also examines the possibility of a post-Putin Russia, and says that Russian history suggests a palace coup would precede any sort of people’s revolution.

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Published on: March 1, 2016
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