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Episode 10: Russia Looms over Ukraine While the West Dithers

Good afternoon, listeners!

Vlad isn’t done with Ukraine, and the West doesn’t seem to have a coherent strategy to counter him. In this week’s episode, Richard Aldous talks with Walter Russell Mead about what this means for Putin’s long-term vision for Russia and the worth of NATO, and the worst-case scenario of a Russian incursion in the Baltic states.

Events in Ukraine—and their far-reaching geopolitical implications—are enough to make one’s head spin. But fret not, for we’ve got the cure for what ails you, in a easily-digested 23 minute .mp3.

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Published on: April 14, 2014
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  • Anthony

    Eric Posner, an outstanding political analyst and not someone who can be characterized as a naive Jacksonian, does not believe that we should be too exercised about Russia’s actions in Ukraine.


    “Putin’s annexation of Crimea gave him a short-term political boost at
    home that will eventually dissipate. In the long term, Russia gains
    nothing from the annexation but an arid peninsula of no economic or
    military importance, and the distrust of its neighbors. Putin’s foolish
    move will be its own punishment.”

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